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If there was ever a time…

by on Oct.13, 2019, under The Musings

For revolution(ary) music, the time is yesterday and today for tomorrow.

Things are off kilter, musically, ethically, politically, socially. People are acting like “it’s all good” and it isn’t. And the sounds we listen to proves it. When things were not quite as they should be, Marvin asked “What’s Going On?”. James demanded we “get into it”. (Actually that was Bobby Byrd for the record…).

Not that long ago you heard “Can’t Trus(t) it” and not to “Believe the Hype” and to be fair there are some out there who still try to get out “The Message”. Can you hear it and if you hear it, who do you think they are talking to? “Somene Else’s Guy”? I see people “motoring about” like nothing is going on and all that other stuff is for other people. To an extent they’re right. Except for that part not covered by that “Extent”.

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Think about what you are watching, hearing – who and what you are listening to. There are distractions and then there are DISTRACTIONS. Which is taking up your mind’s time? Consider regularly because as it gets thicker and its happening quicker, you need to be clear.

Here’s a thought, think about what you hear and consider the message and where it is coming from. IF there’s one to begin with. Are you simply a voyeur of someones scripted animations? Or, are you a thoughtful witness looking for lessons to clarify your way?

Music is key to the survival of a people. Don’t believe it? Do your homework before you answer that. It is a global truism because when employed it can be a most powerful medium. The key though is to understand where those are coming from who employ it.

It may have been another time when Gil-Scott rapped about Ronald Raygun. I’m sure its been a minute since you’ve heard the warnings about “Money” or even considered “What Do They Really Fear”. I bet many have missed the message within “Resist” because of internalized errant stereotypes of who creates the sounds.

Know that those messages from the music remain as salient today as they were when newly heard. Just minus some of the outfits.

Hear me?


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