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How To Submit Music to WBPM NetRADIO

WBPM NetRADIO seeks independent artists that are looking to submit music to be heard by a global audience.

If you plan to submit music to WBPM NetRADIO know that in order for artists to earn royalties, they must be members of either ASCAP, BMI or SECAM. As members they are able to collect royalties via SoundExchange for tracks that are played on internet stations, broadcast radio stations etc. If you are not a member we can still play the music you just won’t earn any royalties for the performance.

By submitting your music to WBPM NetRADIO you are giving this station permission to broadcast your work via its facilities to its audience (wherever they might be listening from). Naturally you retain rights to your work – you are simply allowing your work to be heard on this station.

Before you submit music to WBPM NetRADIO, please listen to the station to be get an idea of the type of music played on the station. While WBPM NetRADIO plays a wide variety of music, listeners expect pieces that can be played in a number of environments (such as their jobs and places of business).

To that end WBPM NetRADIO reserves the right to NOT play submitted tracks based on the use of profanity, hateful or other such nonsense that may exist within the piece. This station believes in the free expression of ideas and thoughts but will not tolerate hateful thoughts aimed at any particular people, religion or lifestyle. WBPM NetRADIO is about a groove and state of mind. It’s that simple. So…

If you would like to be heard here’s what you do:

Submit music to WBPM NetRADIO by sending your tracks on CD media. It will not be accepted on any other media. The CD can be a standard, .wav or MP3 formatted disk. The music should be “broadcast quality”. IF you send an MP3  CD it should be a 320k MP3 Stereo formatted file. If the audio is .WAV it should be formatted for 44khz 16bit Stereo or the CD could be a standard RED BOOK formatted disc.

Here’s why. E-mail submissions are automatically deleted. In the past, a few chuckleheads sent email files claiming they were audio tracks. Problem was that the files were laced with viruses and malware. So, as a precaution we no longer accept music submissions via email.

You must forward your CD with artist info or press kit (add upcoming play dates if you’d like) to:

attn: Programming
POB 340007
Tampa, FL 33694

Be sure to include email contact info so you can be alerted when your music will play. That way you can spread the word!!

If you have further questions please contact us!

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