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WBPM-NetRADIO plays non-stop R&B, Jazz and House Music mixes


WBPM NetRADIO is the rare Internet Radio Station streaming R&B, House Music, Jazz, World Music, Dance music as a non-stop remixed music stream. These  mixes will not be heard on any other Live365, Pandora, XM, Sirius or Blip.fm station.

(You might hear the song somewhere else but never in the same way you’ll hear it here.)

This is the station that plays rare mixes only heard here. all day and all night.

We utilize the facilities of Live365 to broadcast our stream.  The music heard on the station ranges from Classic R&B hits to the latest Deep House grooves. You will hear artists ranging from Alpha Blondie to Funkadelic,  Zapp to Zawinul and beyond. Eclectic mix sets featuring Downtempo grooves, Dub, R&B, Jazz, Fusion, World Music, Chilled Beats, Instrumentals, Electronica all mixed into a non-stop  groove.

 WBPM NetRADIO is Into The Mix

That’s right and you will only hear these mixes here. Listen and see.

Those who listen find themselves listening to remixes of well known classics as well as catchy tunes from the global stage. This is music of the diaspora. You will hear pieces from artists coming from Africa, Europe, South America, Asia as well as the United States. This is music by people who are about the music. From Alpha Blondie to Zapp. Don’t recognize the name? That’s okay. It’s about what they do to your ears that’s important.

WBPM NetRADIO features Enhanced Wide Stereo

This station employs sound enhancement techniques to improve the listener experience. It will sound good on most systems. The better gear you use to listen, the better the station sounds. Spread your speakers further apart and really hear the difference! You will discover a stream of sound that sounds better than AM/FM radio and most all other internet broadcasters (some say better than all combined).

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Let the world know you like us too! Tell everybody! Don’t be shy now. You will be rewarded by hours of non-stop music no matter what timezone you are in.

DJ Whatshisname

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