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If there was ever a time…

by on Oct.13, 2019, under The Musings

For revolution(ary) music, the time is yesterday and today for tomorrow.

Things are off kilter, musically, ethically, politically, socially. People are acting like “it’s all good” and it isn’t. And the sounds we listen to proves it. When things were not quite as they should be, Marvin asked “What’s Going On?”. James demanded we “get into it”. (Actually that was Bobby Byrd for the record…).

Not that long ago you heard “Can’t Trus(t) it” and not to “Believe the Hype” and to be fair there are some out there who still try to get out “The Message”. Can you hear it and if you hear it, who do you think they are talking to? “Somene Else’s Guy”? I see people “motoring about” like nothing is going on and all that other stuff is for other people. To an extent they’re right. Except for that part not covered by that “Extent”.

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Light up your mind don’t just shake your behind…

Think about what you are watching, hearing – who and what you are listening to. There are distractions and then there are DISTRACTIONS. Which is taking up your mind’s time? Consider regularly because as it gets thicker and its happening quicker, you need to be clear.

Here’s a thought, think about what you hear and consider the message and where it is coming from. IF there’s one to begin with. Are you simply a voyeur of someones scripted animations? Or, are you a thoughtful witness looking for lessons to clarify your way?

Music is key to the survival of a people. Don’t believe it? Do your homework before you answer that. It is a global truism because when employed it can be a most powerful medium. The key though is to understand where those are coming from who employ it.

It may have been another time when Gil-Scott rapped about Ronald Raygun. I’m sure its been a minute since you’ve heard the warnings about “Money” or even considered “What Do They Really Fear”. I bet many have missed the message within “Resist” because of internalized errant stereotypes of who creates the sounds.

Know that those messages from the music remain as salient today as they were when newly heard. Just minus some of the outfits.

Hear me?


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These Times…

by on Mar.25, 2017, under The Musings


How’s things? Missing the music? I am.

I’ve been keeping an eye on current events and they bring to mind a number of titles that would seem applicable to the scenes that are being witnessed. No doubt a lot has happened since the last broadcast including a change in the cast of characters we’ve come to be used to seeing and dealing with on our world stages. It ain’t all good but it ain’t all hopeless so as Larry Graham would say “Don’t let ’em change your mind…”.

GCS 2000

There’s so much to be commented on but let’s just leave with Marvin Gay’s “What’s going on?”. One can still feel it’s relevance today. No?

Marvin Gaye in 1973

Marvin Gaye in 1973 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stay you… I’ll be around.


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Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

by on Oct.20, 2012, under The Musings

When you hear “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”

you know what that implies right?

Peek a Boo...

Peek a Boo…

So how come so many young artists fall for the game where someone claims to be a “manager” only to turn out to be about exploiting the individual seeking to make their way into the music business?

And, why do those naive individuals fail to listen to those who’d try to warn them to be aware of the pitfalls of listening to only the good things people say about their performances?

You know the story. It’s been played out over and over in movies about young starry eyed music star wannabees time and time again.

In case you missed the flicks it goes something like this. A young one discovers they have a great voice (or a not so great voice) and they ignore the advice to not put all their eggs in one basket or better yet take the time to learn more about their craft and the business.

Instead our young one listens to the platitudes offered up by some  wolf in sheep’s clothing, seeking to make a lot of dimes off of the young one’s talents while never really offering anything to help the person along. Happens everyday.

Kids, remember this. It’s great you can create great beats. But, realize so can a million others just like you. If you wanted to be a pilot would you not need to learn to fly first?

What makes you think that because your beats are banging that your beats will be loved worldwide automatically?

Do your homework.

Learn all you can about The BUSINESS.

A woodcut of "The wolf in sheep's clothin...

A woodcut of “The wolf in sheep’s clothing” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Doing so will serve you greatly when all is said and done. You may also find yourself with less parasites attached to your life.

Listen to this station and hear what other artists (who are a bit further along their paths) have been able to achieve. It might help you get an idea of how far along your path you’ve gone.

Better yet, I hope what you hear inspires you to keep on doing what you love to do.

To all of you soon to be superstars, check out Kashif’s “All You Better Know About The Music Business”. Search for it online. It’s been out a while but is still pertinent to today’s business of Music.

It will help you to see that a wolf in sheep’s clothing is nothing more than a naked pup.

Just a thought.



P.S.: VOTE fool! Your LIFE does depend on it.

P.P.S: Oh yeah… yet another brand new set is streaming. Put an ear on it. It’s good.

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Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy…

by on Sep.25, 2011, under Station Update

Vesta Williams

R.I.P. Vesta Williams

Seemed kinda like the right thing to say

considering the state of politcs lately…

“Ahm jus sayin'”

Okay, so a new set is up and running and you are probably wondering whats in it.

Here’s a clue:

I’ve added three Vesta Williams cuts to the latest set. It just  started streaming earlier today. “Don’t You Blow A Good Thing” b/w Morris Day‘s instrumental version of “Fishnet” b/w Vesta’s “Once Bitten”. Later I added “Congratulations” to the end of the set.

I’ve also added in a few classic R&B and club hits cuts like Steve Arrington‘s “Nobody Can Be You’, “Tramp” by Carla Thomas and Otis Redding, Keith Sweat‘s”I Want Her”, “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll” by Vaughn Mason & Crew and others.

I might as well not be stingy and let you know I finally got “Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy” cleaned up and sounding great and it is in the set as well.

Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy

This is the uncut original out of print album version.

Yeah the 15 minute version…. heheheh… sounds good too! No turntable rumble or pops and clicks at all. You get to hear the song as it was intended. The solo that blew minds years ago now can blow yours. (For free no less!)

For you musicians… this is a cut you could do well to listen to. You will hear good production, arrangement and writing in this cut from end to end.

For the vocalists… If you can harmonize with others like these sisters do then YOU ARE ON POINT.

I Want This CD for Christmas!!

This is one of those cuts where even the backup singers put in work. Everything is firing on all cylinders.

What’s really important is that you get a chance to hear another awesome example of great female vocals working together. The Brides vocal work on this cut is something you just don’t hear often enough. (Too much auto-tuning going on the radio lately folks if ya asked me.) And it’s funky to boot.

Later you will hear cuts from all over including Art of Noise, Donald Byrd, Duke, Empress, Ralph Falcon, Aly-Us, Sister Sledge, Red X’s “House is the Message” (think “M.F.S.B.’s “Love Is The Message” with even bigger teeth), Louie Vega, The Muthafunkaz (still feeling “Whoa!”), Divas of Color, King Kooba and many more.

Okay enough reading .

Click the station widget on the right and get to listening!

Drop me a note after listening to the Brides. I’d like to get your responses..



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Hear The Music…

by on Jan.07, 2011, under Station Update, The Music

The former home of the Paradise Garage on King...
Image via Wikipedia

Two New 4.5 hour Non-Stop Sets added featuring…

I was thinking about a certain clubs that are no longer “there”. Here’s a picture of one of them. So, I ended up cranking out a new set. Tune in check it out okay? (Put your mouse over the picture if you forgot the name….)

(DCMA requires I not list the tracks in their play order..booooo!!)

DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz – WOAH

Louie Vega pres. Gypsymen – Hear The Music

Jungle Brothers – Breathe Don’t Stop

Ronald Burell pres. Strait 2 DAT – You’re In Da House (I Did This 4 Da Shelter)

Maurice Joshua feat. Andre Love – More Love

Roy Mclaren – The Realms Of Music

Joyce Sims – Wishing You Were Here (WBPM NetRADIO ReMix)

Ministry Of Funk – Da Soul

Thor – Don’t Stop

Lem Springsteen – New Beginning

Black Coffee feat. Thiwe – Crazy

Red X – House Is Da Message

Montana Orchestra – Easto Parese Amor ( Special WBPM NetRADIO Mix b/w Quentin Harris’ – Don’t U Worry)

Mercury – Spiritual

The Lucky Ones – Ever After Love

Danny Krivit/Roy Ayers – Brand New Feeling

Mr. V feat. Big Daddy – It’s About You

Joey Negro / The Sunburst Band – Rough Times

Sunkids feat. Chance – Rescue Me

People Underground – Music Is Pumping

Jacob London – Nao Obrigado

Martin Venetjoki – Really Can’t Stop

Cosmic Funk feat. Tanya Michelle – Free Your Mind

Kerri Chandler – In The Morning

DJ Dove – Like That

Laura Vane – Can I Get

Ken ECB – I Heart Bougie

Chris Carrier – School of Acid

Jon Cutler – Runnin’

Funk La Planet All Stars – Summertime

Dennis Ferrer – Underground Is My Home

A Lil Louis Painting – Give It Up

Teena Marie – Tina’s Groove

Only Freak – Tiny Forces

King Kooba –  Slightly Burnt

Mindflight – Release

Kerri Chandler – Atmospheric Beats

DJ Mike Cruz pres. Inaya Day Chyna ro – Movin’ Up

Curtis McClain – The House Music Anthem

Byron Stingily – U Turn Me

Kerri Chandler – Rain

Alexander East – Panarama

Jay Tripwire – 2012

The second 4.5 hours features chill beats, R&B, Jazz and downtempo grooves by the likes of Sweetback, Pimprekker, Afterlife, Stolen Identity, Eva Be, Unforscene, Dissidente, Quant, Florian, Yam Who, T.J. Rehmi, Moss, Freakwaves, Pete Rock, Blackstreet, Sky Hy, LTJ Bukem, Waiwan, DJ Scissorkicks, Herbie Hancock, J. Boogie, Bassnectar, Soulstice, GCS, Outside,Charles Webster, Yarborough & Peoples, A Tribe Called Quest, Steady Wisdom, Dzihan, Bob Marley, DelaDap, Will Felt and more all mixed into a non-stop stream of goodness!


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All I’m Saying…

by on Apr.29, 2010, under The Musings, The Other Stuff

MD to GA 30: Welcome to Georgia
Image by JDinBawlmer via Flickr

Normally I would not say anything relating to politics, religion etc. on this site. I believe there are better forums for such rants and raves.

But this time….

Okay, it has been about a week since the foolishness in Arizona has kicked off. Pundits of both sides of the issue have had their chance to sound off on the issue on a multitude of television stations, radio stations and of course web sites and blogs.

One thing I have not seen in the coverage of all of this madness, as reporters have scrambled to collect reactions and responses, is that there have been little comment from those who might have a little experience on the receiving end of such policies.

My two cents goes like this…

In 1999 I purchased a house in Florida while still living in New York City. During the Thanksgiving weekend of that year, I drove down from New York alone to Florida to check on the house.

During this time people were being stopped along Interstate-95 by state troopers and local police – ostensibly to try to stem the flow of drugs coming north out of the southern states.

The trip south was uneventful until I entered the state of Georgia. By time I’d made it as far as the city limits of Waycross it was dark – about 10pm – and by then the temperature had dropped into the 40s.

I was traveling among a group of other cars and SUVs. I was driving in the right hand lane behind an RV. Behind me was a U-Haul moving van. A line of cars came up behind us traveling in the left lane looking like they were moving well over the speed limit. The group I was with was cruising along at about 60MPH.

Just as the new group of cars passed me I noted a black BMW with TV monitors in the headrest. AND on the median was a white car with its headlights pointed across our lanes.

As the cars passed this car on the median, its headlights lit up the insides of the cars as we passed it. I knew it was some kind of law enforcement and immediately rechecked my speed even though I knew that the cars in my lane were not speeding and was certain that if it was “ticket time”, one of the cars passing in the left lane were prime candidates for a speeding ticket.

But I wasn’t worried.

About two minutes later the same white car that was on the median is behind me with its lights flashing so I pulled over onto the shoulder of the exit ramp (at the northern side of Waycross).Wondering “What does this guy  want with me?”. Immediately memories of Amadou Diallo and others flashed through my mind.

The officer get out of his car with every light on the planet trained on my car, walked up to my car with his hand on his gun and asked for license and registration saying that I was speeding.

Naturally (trying to sound as calm as possible) I asked if he wasn’t mistaken because there was no way he could have clocked my car with his RADAR in the method he claimed because both I and the black BMW passed by him at exactly the same moment. (He claimed his RADAR tagged me). I’d never heard of a radar that could read the speed of a car through another larger vehicle directly in front of it.

The next thing out of his mouth was a request to search my car. When I asked why, he stated “because of the drug traffiking going on along the interstate heading north through Georgia”. I reminded him I was heading south and that it would seem that he would’ve been better served scanning cars on the northbound side of the highway. I tried real hard not to sound sarcastic.

He just shrugged and said to sit tight he was calling a drug dog in. So next I asked what would the dog do if he didn’t find anything. He replied “Nothing, probably keep circling the car”.Then he asked me to get out of the car. So I did. I also kept my eyes on him noting every move he made.

20 minutes later a K-9 unit arrives, I’m shivering from the cold (I had no jacket on and the wind from the passing trucks made it feel like 40 below zero. The trooper actually asked why I was shaking. Duhh.

Anyway, the dog circled the car 4 times.

On the last pass, he pee’d on my tire!

Naturally nothing was found because I wasn’t carrying anything. But as a result of the stop I had a brand new hole in my door panel and my clothes and stuff was tossed all over the inside of the car.

Now the officers are apologizing for stopping me and telling me I am free to go. I’m like “What about the speeding ticket?” I was told to forget it.

It was obvious that I spent and hour and a half on the side of the road for nothing more than an ad hoc drug search.

I left them and drove down the ramp and continued up the entrance ramp back onto the highway. Cussin’ the entire way and thinking how I’d not been to Waycross since I was a kid (I have family in that town). As I was leaving the Waycross city limits…

One of Waycross’ “finest” sitting on the median, pulls out and pulls me over stating

“We had a report of a red uhh..(he hesitates to see what kind of car I was driving) Dodge with two occupants needed to be pulled over. We need to search the car.” I was looking at him like he fell off Mars. There was no “we” he was alone!

Now I’m really pissed. I said

“Bullshit. I was just stopped by state and let go. You didn’t even know what kind of car this was nor did you adequately explain why I was being stopped. You simply pulled me over because you feel you can.”

He looked at me hard for a second as I started him directly in the eyes. Then says “You can go, you are not the right one.”

As I see the reactions about what’s happening in Arizona, noting the Governor of the state herself admitted she doesn’t know what an illegal alien looks like, this past event came rushing back at me.As did memories about the 4 kids (they were students behaving properly by the way) who had a really bad scene on the New Jersey Turnpike involving troopers not long before this happened to me.

I can guarantee those troopers and that city cop couldn’t describe a drug dealer and could only do so relying on their perceived profile bolstered by the stereotype of what a drug dealer would look like (black guy, nice looking car, dreadlocks).

Yeah he let me go. And I didn’t stop until I was well into Florida realizing it could happen there as well.

On the return trip north, I passed through Georgia during daylight. Then …

As I passed through Maryland I saw what looked like a pair of grandparents who were black with two kids on the side of the road standing in a line next to their car as troopers searched their 1970-something bllue Oldsmobile Delta 98.

They too were stopped along the southbound side of Interstate-95. Now of course I have no idea why they’d been stopped or why they were being searched but I have my suspicions.

So I write this to say this…

Those of you who are undecided about this situation in Arizona would do good to take into account what I am telling you. Laws like this one the braintrust over in the “Land of McCain” came up with does not bode well.

It is the grease on the slippery slope. We’d already stepped over the edge when there was little popular outcry over the stopping of people traveling along the interstates of this country for ambiguous reasons while minding their business.

I hope such a thing never happens to you.

If it does, then you would understand why I am absolutely opposed to such laws as the one signed by Arizona’s Governor last week.

If it has never happened, now you have yet one more chance to oppose such nonsense.

Just think about it.

Okay … now back to the music.

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