Welcome to WBPM NetRADIO!


WBPM NetRADIO was re-launched in response to the moods created by pandemic. We were told to stay home, work from home etc.

Sets are posted that you can select and listen while doing what you do or now find yourself doing (because what you were doing you no longer do -ya dig?).

These sets were posted to help us make it to the “other side” of this madness and then some… This music is like “Sonic Soul Food”. It’s strongly recommended we should always try to get as much as we can. Get a Taste. Click the logo to the right ! –>

WBPM NetRADIO is the rare Internet Radio Station streaming R&B, House Music, Jazz, World Music, Dance music as a non-stop remixed music stream. These  mixes will not be heard on other streaming platforms like Live365, Pandora, SiriusXM or Blip.fm station. Only on Mixcloud.

(You might hear the song somewhere else but never exactly the way you’d hear it here.)

This is the station that plays new cuts by INDIE ARTISTS, and rare versions of songs only heard here.

You can listen to the shows on Mixcloud. Now, you can select which set to listen to. You can stop the player, log off and come back to pick up where you left off.  You can skip ahead and scroll back as well. The music heard within the sets range from Classic R&B hits to the latest Deep House grooves. You will hear artists ranging from Alpha Blondy to Funkadelic,  E-Man to Zapp, Zawinul and beyond. Eclectic mix sets featuring Downtempo grooves, Dub, R&B, Jazz, Fusion, World Music, Chilled Beats, Instrumentals, Electronica all mixed into a non-stop  groove. Some sets play for up to 5 hours.

 WBPM NetRADIO is Into The Mix

Some of us live to hear the mix. To hear what happens. The rest of the song is just the setup for that time when A turns to B. Because when the mix is executed just right, you can feel it. Remember that time you heard something come on at just the right time? The right way? Even if it was unexpected if just feels right. Well, a lot of that goes on around here. That’s right and you will only hear these mixes here. Listen and see.

And as you do listen, you’ll find yourself listening to remixes of well known classics and tunes from the global stage. This is music of the diaspora. You will hear pieces from artists coming from Africa, Europe, South America, Asia as well as the United States. This is music by people who are about the music. Don’t recognize the name of the artist(s)? That’s okay. It’s about what they do to your ears, your mind and especially your heart that’s important. Download the Mixcloud app! They are available for Android ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mixcloud.player&hl=en_US&gl=US )and Apple devices ( https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mixcloud-audio-dj-mixes/id401206431 ). Get set up so that you will be notified when a new set is posted. Then you can listen and like the ones that move you!

BTW: About WBPM NetRADIO’s “Sound”…

This station employs sound enhancement techniques to improve the listener experience. It will sound good on most systems. The better gear you listen with, the better the station sounds. Spread your speakers further apart and really hear the difference! You will discover a stream of sound that sounds better than AM/FM radio and most all other internet broadcasters (some say better than all combined).

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Let the world know you like us too! Tell everybody! Hear something you like tell about it on Twitter. Don’t be shy now. You will be rewarded by hours of non-stop music no matter what timezone you are in.

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