The Recipe… Part 1

Here’s a few tips:
Don’t go for “cute”. Cute don’t stay cute for long if you discover you brought something that sounds like crap.
Consider how long you will be wearing the head gear. Look for comfort.
Consider what you will be doing while wearing the cans.

The Recipe…Part 2

Recently I’ve been asked what kind of speakers I use to listen to the station. Generally, I use a now 10 year old Logitech 4.1 speaker system connected to my main PC. When I am creating my mixes I use a pair of KRK ST6 Studio Monitors. I do my quality checks on a set of 250 watt 4 ohm Acoustic model 626 Studio Monitors.
Do you need all that?

Your Vote Counts!!

Image via Wikipedia I was digging through the Live365 newsletter and this gem popped up: “Your Vote Counts Nominate your favorite stations! Nominate some feature-worthy stations you think deserves some time in the spotlight. Email with your top 3 stations. Top nominees will be listed in next month’s newsletter” And then the sound of…