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by on Mar.02, 2015, under The Events

Finally March is here…

English: Little Louie Vega playing at the Font...

English: Little Louie Vega playing at the Fontainebleau Resort during the Winter Music Conference in Miami – 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That means… all of that cold you guys up north are suffering with is not much longer to last and…

Spring is near…and…

The clocks move ahead this month and best of all…

The Winter Music Conference for 2015 is happening in South Beach Fl.

What is that you ask? Who will be there? Learn more here. Last time I was there, my DJ buddy (who shall remain nameless) wasn’t feeling well so we were not really able to enjoy the events as planned. But I can tell you that the mood was cool and everyone that I came in contact with was on point. Will I be there this year? Unfortunately, circumstances preclude the drive down but I will be there in spirit.

This site has moved due to issues with our hosting service. More changes to come as well. It’s been a very busy time here at the shop and I’ve been burning all ends of the candle (working with a deadline here).

Anyhow, I want to invite you the passerby to stop in and check out the music since you are in my neighborhood. And maybe if miracles of miracles occur I will see you at the conference!

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