What is a Bloog?

blooG iPod

blooG iPod (Photo credit: felipecerda)

What’s in a Bloog?

How do you get Blooginated?


A Bloog is a blog with an extra helping of “Oohh”

It’s usually encountered when a blog has moved as in this one which had all of the great Bloog moments of WBPM NetRADIO from back before it moved to a new site!

So, in order to get a taste of the vast variety of Bloog like blogginess, dig through some of the earlier postings about music, politics, world affairs, rants and raves that is a big part of this, the internet home of WBPM NetRADIO, the best online house music, jazz, R&B, Funk, Deep Chilled Grooves, mega-nonstop mixed music station this side of where ever you might be standing.

By the way, did we mention that the site is filled with timely and interesting commentary about the state of music and life on this planet in general? How about thoughtful commentary about music related events and icons?

How about Ideas That Make You Go “Hmmm…”?

Did you know that new artists have the opportunity for exposure just by visiting the “Submit Music” page?

Just checking!

This stuff reads real good while listening in to the stream that can be accessed just to the right of here (hint, hint!).

Speaking of which, did you know that WBPM NetRADIO relies on your votes while listening and also survives on the income that’s generated based on how much time you spend listening? The more you listen the more we can do. So tell everyone to listen often so that we can hire some help around here! Joining as a VIP listener right from this site makes a HUGE difference. We’re just sayin’…

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