Opening Sale Ad from August 31, 1912

Advertising Sponsors Wanted for WBPM NetRADIO!

Have an event you want to promote? Advertise it on this site!

New music to be released? Advertise it on this site!

Looking for the perfect location for your next photo or video shoot?

Why not spread the word here?

WBPM NetRADIO is regularly listened to in over 60 countries monthly.

WBPM NetRADIO is gaining new listeners constantly.

WBPM NetRADIO has premiered new music by established and up and coming artists.

Now you can marketadvertise your events by sponsoring WBPM NetRADIO!

Become a sponsor of WBPM NetRADIO and your advertisement will appear prominently on the site. Your banner ad can advertise your event every time the WBPM NetRADIO web site is displayed.

WBPM NetRADIO can be your advertising partner! Easily and inexpensively.

We support animated graphics and mini-videos as well as static text.

Your product or service might be just what our listeners are looking for. Why not put your advertisement in front of them whenever they visit WBPM NetRADIO?

Contact us today and let’s get the word out!

General Sponsorhsips

$20 month and consist of a logo’d graphic in the Welcome area (upper right where you see the animated graphic for WBPM

Advertisement published in the Los Angeles Tim...

Advertisement published in the Los Angeles Times on May 6, 1930 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NetRADIO). We also promote the sponsorhsip with a welcome aboard posting, back-listing in our link area is available if WBPM NetRADIO is linked to from your site. This requires a 8 week minimum commitment.

Banner Ad

If you have graphics and would like to have a presence on the landing page seen by whom ever visits we could create an

advertisement 250w x 100h for you that would sit in the right hand column above the “fold”. It would appear on every page whether seen via the  Live365 site or direct to this site and be located right below the “Player widget”. You provide the code and it can be set up so that those who click on it will be taken to where you want them to go (more info, your site, etc.) via a new page or tab. The rate for such a work would be $100 to create the advert and then $25 per month.

Sponsored Page

If you want a sponsored page where you would have a video presentation (3 mins max) a sound clip, bio info and links to purchase/download music the rate is $150 to create the page and $50 month to run it on the site.



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